LabVIEW study curve

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

It’s tricky to post a new post. I cannot find the login toolbar on the top, and I finally found ‘Post at’ link at the bottom. What if I don’t want to post, and I simply want to manage my setting? Still the same link.  It got me.

Anyway, this is a plot I drew to describe the study curve of LabVIEW. It’s so easy to hand on, and when you go deeper, you always find the screen is too small. That happens to most of people I know. My suggestion is, LEARN SOME STYLES. <The LabVIEW Style Book> is the book I recommend most.

Btw, the way of publishing in wordpress is tricky as well. It’s not on the top nor the bottom as I expected, it’s on the right.


4 comments on “LabVIEW study curve

  1. Todd says:

    I LOVE this plot! I’m sure that the same could be said for almost all programming environments, and LabVIEW is no different. The nice thing is it makes building quick tests/applications very easy, but as you get into more complex apps, the need for training and discipline comes into play.

    I actually saw this show up in an email from someone else here at NI! Anyway, let me know if you ever need any help and I’ll make sure to connect you with the right stuff.

    • foolooo says:

      Hi Todd, Glad to hear from you:). Actually I’m following you on twitter already. I like your videos. I’m so happy hearing the plot showed up in someone’s mail (and it’s in NI!).

      Thank you for your words. I’m working on FPGA module now and my work at hand is ‘transplating’ my previous DAQ job to FPGA. I’ll write more about it and post the problems I get (hopefully not). Cheers.

  2. emiliekopp says:

    Hey foolooo, not sure if you still keep up with this blog but wanted to let you know that we’d like to promote your learning curve on our Facebook page. We’ll be sure to give you credit. Let us know if you want us to include a link to your blog (assuming you still want to drive traffic here).
    Thanks for sharing!
    Emilie (NI social media manager)

    • foolooo says:

      Hi Emilie, thank you for your info. Yes, it will be great to have this blog linked. Maybe I should carry on drawing this curve after it hits “0” 😉

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