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Hello world!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

To begin with, I would say the title of this blog is simply to memory my first LabVIEW blog based in, which was lost for no reason. I may not stick with this title, once I come up with a smarter one.

I am a PhD student studying in UK, originally from CN. I chose the blog here because:
0, It’s cool, the template, the font, etc;
1, It’s stable, or that’s what I assumed. I just dont want find my posts again from Google cached;
2, It’s world wide. So I can communicate with more (?) people about our common hobby. And if I said somethings bad occasionally, I wont be chased by some unknown people.
3, It’s flexible.
4, It’s future. I think I would use it sooner or later, so why not occupy the domain ‘foolooo’ at the earliest time? 🙂

Thank you all.